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Gemi Nastiti

Home country: Indonesia
EF campus: Torbay
Programs: IGCSE and A-Level

Favorite subject: Law
Favorite clubs: Badminton Club, Chess Club and Piano Club

What I like about studying in the UK is that the teachers encourage us to engage more in the subjects. In Indonesia, the teachers mostly lectured, but here, we are encouraged to think of solutions to problems, be creative and apply our knowledge. My brain is stimulated a lot more when I don’t have to just focus on memorizing the things we learn. I like my law teacher! She can make even the tedious topics fun, and she gives praise where praise is due.

Интересуетесь получением школьного аттестата за рубежом?

Мы будем рады ответить на любые возникшие у вас вопросы на индивидуальной консультации со специалистами по зачислению.

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